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E-Commerce Statistics Show Sales Rising as Online Advertising Falls

Internet users (per 100 people)
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Source: World Bank Data
Online retail sales in the United States rose to $32.4 billion and accounted for 3.6% of all retail sales in the second quarter of 2009, even as total retail sales fell 0.4%, according to the U.S Census Bureau's Quarterly Retail E-Commerce Sales 2nd Quarter 2009 report. The American retail sector has declined steadily since the third quarter of 2008, while e-commerce sales began to rebound in January 2009 and have continued to grow slowly despite the down economy. E-Commerce Statistics Show Online Sales As a Percentage of Total Retail Sales Growing E-commerce as a percentage of total retail sales increased slowly but steadily from the second quarter of 2008 to the same period in 2009, from 3.3% to 3.6%. However, total e-commerce spending is still down 4.4% compared to the second quarter of 2008. Retail in general and online sales both suffered dramatic declines in the fourth quarter of 2008, dropping 7.2% and 6.0% respectively, as Christmas spending plummeted in the wake of the economic crisis. Read more at Suite101: Second Quarter 2009 Online Sales Up 2.2%: E-Commerce Statistics Show Sales Rising as Online Advertising Falls
Beside that, the cost of starting and running an online business is only a fraction of an conventional business.
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