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Do you any question regarding you design or creative project? Do you have an idea, but you don't know where to start? We are here to help you choose the best solutions.
Design Studio 23 is a New York based creative and design studio. The main goal of the studio is to create an environment to make possible for its team to be focused on the projects and clients need free from their geographical location. It has been possible with using the latest communication technologies and internet, so it doesn’t matter where is the client or whether the designers are under one roof. This something that was not possible few years ago. By audio/video teleconferencing, remote access to computers, live screen sharing, any time our team in New York needs any support, we communicate with our friends all around the nation and even the world to provide our customers with best possible services , in a shorter time and with higher proficiency.

Design Studio 23 was founded and is run by Alireza Yavari, an accomplished Designer & Creative Director in New York and works multinational with other designers & programmers in Canada, Europe and even Asia.

We are committed to keep our personal, one to one relationship with our clients while keeping and running the design studio like an established corporation. Our clients experience the close relationship and communication that they expect from a freelancer with a very high level standard and professionalism that they expect from a corporation.
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